Hey veri and layeyes can you run the ask blog from now on?

Understandable, But I never said anything about a Crossover series. I meant Individual series' for the characters. Not a convoluted mess like Subspace.

fishman told me to respond to this and say something or other about [redacted].

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I met Luke skywalker today (: I love Star Trek!

Dumb bitch

Don’t be rude….. Why can’t I be a Trekkie and proud? “Falcon Punch!!!” Amiright?

Just incase this isn’t a joke. Harrison Ford played Han Solo in Star wars

No sweetie……. You’re confused…….. You’re thinking about Yoda from Star Fox (:

- veri

If Nintendo were to make a brand-new anime series for all the (Important) characters featured in Sm4sh, who do you think would play the characters? I personally think Dante Basco would play Fox, and Bryce Papenbrook would play Link. That's all I got.

they already tried to make a trying-too-hard ‘serious’ story for Smash Bros. it was called Subspace Emissary and it was the biggest crime in the entire Smash franchise. bigger than tripping mechanics.

crossover fiction is inherently ‘not good’ and shouldn’t take itself seriously— the odds of even tireless efforts changing that ‘not good’ status are fairly low.

they should just bring back Melee style adventure mode and pretend SSE didn’t happen. though Smash Run looks ok at least.

i don’t put a lot of thought into character voices, I just blurt out silly or stupid things in the middle of the night.


hi i’m veri and i draw things and i’ll also be helping out on this project some! i’m probably going to help with coloring. mostly with coloring. (i like to color.) fishman’s still going to be answering questions and generally running this blog, so if you have anything to ask me specifically, please address the asks to me!

- veri

We’re beat, we’ll put the pages up sometime after the sun comes up.

Before anyone complains, we’ve literally never actually posted any pages on a Sunday in our timezone.

In other words, effective from the very beginning— SFLL updates on Mondays.