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Anonymous said: I can't say for everyone, but I don't think the amputee theory is just for foot fetishists. I thought it was just a cool possibility: didn't adhere to it, but just thought it was interesting. I dunno, I just think this heated argument and some reactions (from you and fans) is a bit un-needed.

the foot fetish thing was explicitly stated to be a joke

Anonymous said: i made u a sparkly text for the ask page www[.]i[.]picasion[.]com/gl/78/3qYu[.]gif

oh my gosh. thank you so much, sweetheart anon!

- veri

now i’m not going to act like fishman is the paragon of maturity (look at him, he doesn’t like game theory and he loves gamegrumps, c’mon man), but i am getting so tired of seeing ‘amputation theory! it’s canon! you idiot, how can you have a webcomic and not want to put gratuitous amputation in it?’ after it’s been stated more than numerous times on this blog that nobody here subscribes to that theory and we aren’t doing it. we’ve said no. like twenty times over. there’s no point in trying to convince us it’s canon because regardless, it’s not happening. find your amputation elsewhere - it’d add absolutely nothing to this comic, and at this point, it just feels like an argument for the other side to feel right about.

do i need to put blaring red sparkly text under the FAQ option ‘it’s not happening’ before anyone pays attention or what

- veri

jcopper24 said: May I give you a standing ovation for telling it how it is with Star Fox? I applaud you sir or madam

i’ll publish this but there’s no way it isn’t gonna come off as me just posting every bit of praise that comes our way

which, given that i have 154 unanswered asks, probably isn’t true

unless you mean the foot fetish stuff, which is 1000% true you can read all about it in the manual for Star Fox on SNES and there’s a reference to it in the ending scene of 64

ask-frost-bite-and-kenji said: Did ya know that the star fox characters don't have real legs?

yes, according to my dad who works for nintendo the star fox characters are in fact amputees, but when that went out of fashion the cornerian army utilized the fruits of modern stem cell research to clone the pilots new feet

it’s a good thing foot fetishism is leading the charge on technological advancements in our brave world



allow me to cry one apathetic furry tear for you

they’re boots

Oh for the love of Christ.

Just respond to me directly like a god-damn adult.

Also, unless he has ankles shaped like ball joints, they’re clearly NOT BOOTS. if you don’t want to use them, fine. But please to Christ stop being a child about it.

nintendo power covers are canon, you know

allow me to cry one apathetic furry tear for you

they’re boots

Anonymous said: About people spelling "canon" with two Ns as being full of shit... Well, they could also be bad at spelling. I swear it wasn't until I was 18 that I finally got around to learning the difference between cannon and canon and how to use them properly. Then again I must admit to not really needing to use either word often so...

this is directed at one person but i do get tired of reading consistently wrong sentences with the word “cannon” in them

the ‘robotic legs’ thing is a constant source of entertainment. the ambiguously-lovely lemonly individual veriama has added some helpful links to the FAQ, found here.

anyone who spells “canon” with two Ns is automatically probably full of shit

partiallybatty said: Not sure if this question has been asked (or if it can be answered), but as this comic pulls in aspects from all of the games, does that mean the "amputee" theory will come into play at all?

the amputee theory is not from any of the games

it’s fan bullshit and we don’t subscribe to it. it’s been answered a few times and i need to go back and tag all of them so i can have a link on command.