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Anonymous said: you were not obligated to answer my ask

this is a vicious cycle of stupidity

you can go away now

Anonymous said: how about we grow up a little and stop arguing with the audience

"i don’t like the negativity on this blog, i hate it when they talk back to people sending asks", i say, while i write a negative ask to send to the blog in question. that sure will stop people from arguing.

- veri

sinistew said: 

why does the majority of people who send you snarky anon asks thing you’re being rude or an ass? I haven’t had one time where I felt like you were being the latter.

people get mad as hell when their space furries aren’t on time apparently

Anonymous said: is it imperative for you to be such a dick?

about as ‘imperative’ as you sending this ask

because how dare we be humans with social lives outside of the webcomic to which we owe literally nobody

on holiday because i say so, you’ll get your pages tomorrow


anyone wanna know anything about chaos7 they maybe don’t already?


i’ll be taking questions. mind you i’m always willing to answer questions on any day so really this is just to spur anyone curious.

chaos7 is a webcomic we’re making so don’t ask that unless you wanna ask somethin more specific with regards to it

(please direct your questions to the Chaos7 inbox, if you would.)


 Thank you Earthbound. all Smiles and tears. UuU


STAR FOX - Lylat Legacy Random mess [236]

Farewell Beloved Falco

Random quick drawing, in between all the other stuff, of Falco going all out. and remembering that the SF 2002 comic exist. (been drawing loads of Falco lately)  Check out SFLL some StarFox stuff there.

Be sure to follow us for SFLL goodness. Comic pages are updated everyMONDAY. Thanks for all your support.

this just in: fishman is a loser

txt it

Anonymous said: In n out or five guys?

five guys

veri thinks in n’ out is good because she’s trash